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There are a lot of scam artists out there

February 26th, 2011

They target the vulnerable, the elderly, the sick, those who have been bereaved in some way and they look for a trigger some way to turn the person into what is probably a normally sensible individual into their next victim.

Unfortunately this happens every day in all corners of the globe, the victims are a cross section of every type of person imaginable, every race, creed, and religion no one is spared.

I recently heard of one example, the victim a retired professional a recent stroke victim whose faculties were only slightly diminished but enough to allow a scam artist past the first line of defense and that is all it took.

The now ceaseless bombardment of calls and inquiries for sweepstakes and prizes, lost family members and bequeathed fortunes, all for the asking, they only need some brief information.

Everyday people who have led normal and high functioning lives become victims due to circumstances out of their control and the perpetrators feed on them from every angle.
Where do they get this information and how do they target people, it is not random, Face book and similar social networks, people talking about their lives, their families, obituaries consider this, maybe from health care providers or people close to them, hospital workers, we are often vulnerable when in these places under duress.

It is imperative that in today’s world I think we must assume that information is free flowing and that we all of us need to protect our privacy at all times.
I suggest that if someone you know has some kind of issue, illness depression any kind of serious situation where they may be vulnerable, that perhaps a call to their bank accounts, credit cards, investment broker to let them know of the possibility of fraud vulnerability so that they will initiate an alert if anything unusual pops up.

It is always easier to prevent a problem then trying to repair the damage after the fact.

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