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CT to ban high cap magazines.

March 2nd, 2011

What do shoes and large Capacity magazines for firearms have in common?

Short answer is absolutely nothing with one exception, this week Connecticut State Senator Martin Looney (D) presented a Bill (1094) to ban all high capacity magazines, any detachable device which stores over 10 rounds of ammunition. Anyone who posses such an implement will be considered guilty of a class D felony.

Immediately after the attempted shoe bombing of a commercial airliner, American travelers were made to remove their shoes prior to going through the airport metal detectors in case someone had a shoe bomb in their buster browns.

Of course after the one and only shoe bomb attempt, millions of Americans from infants to octogenarians and beyond have been subjected to all kinds of indignities at airports from coast to coast.

The United States in its inability to think proactively has once again over reacted to an event. Due in part to the Arizona shooting of a Congress-women and other innocent civilians. A crime perpetrated by a man who has proven to be mentally unstable.

There is no precedent that suggests that rendering these magazines illegal will have any impact on crime proliferation. It is doubtful that any criminal would even pay attention to what the laws might be regarding firearms ownership.

If this Bill had any relevance, than cars, booze, knives, bathtubs and swimming pools should all be illegal as each of these mentioned areas account for thousands of deaths each year.

Much like the removal of our shoes at the airport, the outlawing of high cap magazines will only inconvenience those who are law abiding.

This Bill, should it become law will only criminalize those same law abiding citizens. There is nothing to be gained as the criminal element never considers the law.

No shoe bomb has ever been found and the likelihood of ever seeing a shoe bomb is more remote than a lightning strike. The state can transform high cap magazines into illegal status, but criminals will still have access to high cap magazines as they have always managed to attain firearms despite the fact that it is illegal for them to do so.

There will be nothing gained in such an endeavor.

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