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June 7th, 2014 Comments off

To all those that have left comments on my blog, I do appreciate them, I normally have the comments section turned off as I just don’t have the bandwidth to respond, if interested there is a contact page on this website and I will respond to all direct contacts.


My other website is also up and running for anyone who is interested


Thank you again

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February 18th, 2014 Comments off

It does not require many words to speak the truth.  

Chief Joseph, Nez Perce (1840-1904)

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Our ships of Steel

December 8th, 2013 Comments off

One of my ships, my ship, why do grown men fawn over hunks of steel…

To each of us home,  A piece of America.

No matter where we may be, these ships of steel beckon like the sea for us to return…

Without us they are cold steel without them we are orphans longing to go back one more time.

Long gone, but never forgotten…

Our ships of steel…


USS Luce  1979 bw


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The Knockout Game… No longer an urban legend.

November 26th, 2013 Comments off

There has been a rash of sneak attacks by groups of marauding young Black teenagers and young men and women, sneaking up on their intended victims and with a full sweeping hook, delivering a solid punch to the side of the head of the victim.

The intention is to knock out the victim with a single punch, the results have been concussions, loss of equilibrium and in a couple of cases death has resulted from what I have heard (unconfirmed).

These cowardly assaults have been directed at white people, primarily Jewish people and several Asian people so far. The locations of these assaults have been in urban areas where the gangs can quickly disseminate into the population where they don’t stand out as outsiders.

These are in fact hate crimes, the cruel and violent nature of these assaults are felonies and need to be addressed by law enforcement, the local politicians and the citizenry, there also needs to be more media attention focused on the exact nature of these crimes and call them what they.

Black on White racial attacks, please let’s not try to sugar coat this any longer, it is bad enough that the Black leaders long the mouth pieces whenever a black person is attacked even if they are the perpetrator the call so of racism echo along the airwaves, these same leaders have been eerily quiet despite the video proof of these brutal acts of violence.

Jesse Jackson, Where the hell are you?

Apparently whites are fair game in this society, so let’s examine what we can and should do about this. First and foremost contact the media and politicians as often as possible and let them know what you think.

Secondly and more importantly, unless you never walk a street and live inside your home 24 x 7, I suggest take stock in your own personal protection and make preparations on what to do to prevent these attacks for yourself.

In my opinion the first rule of thumb is to be vigilant and not let your guard down, don’t get zombied out with your smart phone, stay alert and take note of who is around you at all times. When I say around you I mean around you, 360 degrees, develop a swivel neck, look at reflections of store or car windows and don’t allow yourself to be surprised by anyone.

If you see something , anything that is questionable, that is the moment to act, change directions get off the street do what you have to do to make yourself unavailable for attack, don’t ignore the feeling of fear, fear is good it is our natural alert system don’t ignore it, it will save your life.

None of us were brought into this world to be victims or punching bags, don’t allow yourself to be vulnerable no matter how silly you may feel about taking evasive action, just do it.

If you find yourself in a situation that confrontation may be unavoidable, I have a suggestion, this may not be for everyone but it will work. You have to understand these punk kids, they are cowards they derive their bravery from the group, alone they will yes m ‘am and yes sir you to death.

If a group is headed for you and you have no escape route, either take a defensive posture and wait for them to pass and keep your eyes on them (not my first choice).

Move directly at them, hands out of your pockets, walk fast and hard look as mean and pissed off as you can, never take your eyes off of them, there is a good chance they will move out of your way, these cowardly punks are not going to want to tangle with someone who may be able to hurt them.

I would also have with me some kind of implement, a flashlight preferably a tactical one, made of aluminum designed to be used as a weapon already in your hands.

This is not a game folks, people have been seriously hurt and there are no rules in this save one, survival.

Lastly if you are properly trained and are considered street ready and are legally able to carry a firearm that is also an option, the complications get compounded, Bernie Getz, Travon Martin among others are examples of the complications resulting from using deadly force, this is not a game either.

Understand the risks, understand the threat and evaluate for yourself what risk is warranted based on the threat and the possible loss, the answer will be clear.

The bottom line is to avoid trouble at all costs and if that proves impossible, never give up, never give in, never allow yourself to be a victim.

The ultimate poker hand, whoever has the winning hand wins, the loser may die.

Ask yourself, which hand do you want to play?


The above is my own opinion based on my life experience and the stories of many others who survived to tell about them, dead men tell no tales…


Good luck out there and be safe.

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Veterans Day

November 10th, 2013 Comments off

To my veteran friends, enjoy tomorrow, no matter why nor when at some point in your life you made a decision to serve our Nation, what ever reason brought you there you stood up and took an oath, you forever have a place in our nations storied history as a member of the United States Military.

No matter what you do or have done with the rest of your life for the very rest of your life we all share this one thing… Veteran, and we can thank god for it, there is no greater title one can have…

I am proud to be among you and to my shipmates, I remember all of you with great fondness and appreciation… godspeed…

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“The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits” Albert Einstein

November 4th, 2013 Comments off
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The new world order is here…

October 26th, 2013 Comments off

After three years of dire warnings from some of the worlds most competent and informed security agencies, it appears that Iran is now less than one month away from having enough weapons grade material to produce upwards of three nuclear weapons.

This can be added to Obama’s inability to act, inability to lead, his refusal to recognize the danger not only to the entire region but specifically to Israel.

Add this to Obama’s embracing of Islam and his Islamic faith, lets stop kidding our selves shall we, he is a Muslim, Barry speaks the language, his articulation whenever he speaks of Islam takes on the Arabic cadence in his speech with the proper inflection of his voice and the gleam in his eye, you don’t have to be an expert in behavioral science to see the transformation that occurs every time he speaks of Islam and the “Holy Quoran”

To ignore these signs any longer only requires one to be a historical ignoramus, sorry there is no other way to put this and the time for pleasantries is over.

The seriousness of this threat is beyond anything we faced in the cold war, even as the soviets were building launch sites in Cuba, there was always the MAD (mutually assured destruction) aspect of normal people that allowed room for discussion and kept us all from blowing the earth to pieces.

This does not exist with the Muslims as their embrace and hatred of life has been proven time and time again at airports, bus and train terminals, shopping malls, schools and in villages all over the world, life has no meaning, killing is a virtue, does anyone need any more proof of this?

The impending destruction of the State of Israel which is becoming more likely, could very well occur sometime in 2014, This human disaster will be the responsibility of the progressive left, Obama’s administration and the Islamic brotherhood… It is not easy making a distinction between any of these three groups any longer.

The world is in a countdown, only Israel is left to combat this, in doing so Israel will have to be the aggressor and will take the blame and the wrath of every left wing zealot on the planet, No doubt this fits well into the Obama doctrine as well.

Once the fury of nuclear destruction is unleashed there is no turning back, no way to fix the damage and no apologies, this is happening right now this is not a movie script or a video game where the action can be stopped or reset, this court has no appeals and the judgement will be final.

Do we have to see the mushroom cloud over Israel to understand this? I wonder…

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The bell is ringing…

October 8th, 2013 Comments off

In my opinion the biggest issue we face as Americans is that our system, toted as the best form of Government on the planet is broken, by design the founding documents had insight and vision that exceeded the times that they were living in and took into account the foibles of mankind.

Over time people have abused this system, manipulated and circumvented it’s basic premise of decency and rights. It was not perfect and improvements have been made along the way but we have come to this time, 237 years after the fact. This Nation born out of defiance is again facing similar issues as our founders did.  The abuse today is not from a monarch a world away, the abuse is here among us, it divides us and it is near a boiling point.

Those that are part of the system and their are legions of people who are, don’t want change as either they are benefiting from the status quo, or they are afraid to lose what they do have. Those in government and I include in that the lobbyists and large organizations that employ them (on both sides of the political aisle) these lobbyists are generally attorneys and other specialists who are paid huge amounts of money (millions per year in some cases) to persuade, cajole and buy political favors to ensure the system favors their particular interest.

The other government benefactors are the “have-nots”, those who rely on the government for every aspect of their existence, these people who have been conditioned sometimes over generations not to let go of the government teet and so this perpetual welfare mentality guarantees the need for government, which in itself is a crime against those very people.

The rest of us get by some less than others in varying degrees of success or struggle, we are plagued with distractions from the media which are nothing more than giant conglomerates (with their own lobbyists) of sorts that entertain and distract the masses through movies, music, sports, radio and television. We “the people” become over whelmed with information and paralyzed as a result we end up squabbling over crumbs on social media another distraction, while the system that is enveloping us grows ever stronger.

It is us however “we the people” who can decide who we are and what we will become, maybe not in this generation but in the next, do we sit back and let our children become brain washed with programs like “common core” do we allow a flagrant abuser like Obama and his cohorts continue this rampage over our fundamental rights. Those on the left , liberals who have just as much to lose as those on the right. Do you really think you matter? Like those of us on the right you add up to nothing in the eyes of those in power, except that you rubber stamp your own demise with each nod of approval. The looming fiscal crisis won’t care who you voted for we are all just as vulnerable as our neighbors no matter what you may think.

America has always thrived when we had a common thread, our house is divided that is what keeps us down and that is by design, this administration has corrupted our foundation and a house that continues to be divided will fall.

While we still have some leverage it is up to us “we the people” to contact our representatives and tell them enough, this shutdown has proven the enormous inadequacy of government, This same excess is replicated at the state level and often in local politics as well.

It is enough, vote, write, call, in this age of communication there is no excuse for complacency, no excuse for non participation in the process, if you fail to act you are then complicit and approve of exactly where you are in this time and this place.

Remember when the bell tolls, it tolls for thee. What are you prepared to do about it.

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September 23rd, 2013 Comments off

“Any man worth his salt will stick up for what he believes right, but it takes a slightly better man to acknowledge instantly and without reservation that he is in error”

Andrew Jackson

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Obama can you please change…

September 11th, 2013 Comments off

As we honor the memory of those murdered on 09/11/01 we should also remember the four men murdered on 9/11/12 as well.

I think it would be remiss if we failed to remember another incident that has been engraved into the fabric of American folklore.

Imagine if William Travis had the intestinal fortitude of Barack Obama, Legend has it that Travis drew his sword and drew a line in the sand at the small mission in San Antonio 177 years ago.

Some 186 men crossed the line and fought against overwhelming odds against the forces of General Santa Anna of Mexico, giving additional time to General Sam Houston to fortify his own army which he did and eventually defeated the Mexicans at San Jacinto.

What if Obama drew the line, would he have redrawn that line, can one erase a line in the sand or perhaps say that “you men crossed your own line”. Obama is not capable of taking any responsibility for anything, his behavior is that of a three year old.

There is such a thing called character throughout our long and storied history, there is much sacrifice and sadness as many a good man were lost defending America both here and abroad, during the Civil war when Americans warred against one another, there still existed tremendous character on both sides of the conflict as this Nation was torn asunder.

But never in our history have we had a leader on any level that has been so weak, so indecisive, so inept that the people, We the People have lost faith in our Republic.

On this 911, as we remember vividly the sights, sounds and if you were in NYC 12 years ago the metallic acidic smell of 911, we do so under the leadership of perhaps the most anemic individual that has ever slept in the White House.

As we remember that fateful day, we should remember and believe that we the people, this nation does have the character to pull ourselves out of the maw of mediocrity that we find ourselves in today.

On this Day I ask Barack Obama to please step down as clearly you are over your head, no one will think any less than they already do, if anything America would welcome the change.

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